I’m excited to announce my fist solo exhibition, titled ‘Work’. This one-night show will take place at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver on April 28th from 6-9pm. I’ll be showing a variety of images, old and new, amongst the plants and parrots inside the conservatory. You can find the Facebook event here, and you can […]

The Market

There are two markets in Ubud, Bali. The first is your typical tourist trap, brimming with straw hats, Hawaiian shirts, and hand carved kitsch. The second, is a proper market...

The Print

As you may already know, my Instagram feed is just a handful of Instax pictures that I’ve taken of my friends. What you might not know is that while they are scans of real Instax prints (Fauxlaroids?), none of them were taken with an instant camera...

The North

When I sold my motorcycle in Hanoi, the odometer read '2254 km', which is pretty close to the distance I'd originally set out to ride from the South to the North of Vietnam. Although I only rode six-hundred...