Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I’m Nelson’s studio manager, Geneviève, but most people just call me Giouge 😊. When I’m not helping Nelson with producing shoots, managing files, and telling him he’s cool (he isn’t), you can find me assisting other Vancouver photographers, such as Brian Van Wyk (That’s “fun-vic“. Don’t ask.) and Blush Wedding Photography. I also love taking photos, specifically portraits, which you can find here.

The other day Nelson was sitting at his desk complaining about how he looked like an idiot in all of his profile pictures, so I dragged him out of the office and snapped a few for him. Here’s what we managed to get:

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  • Employer’s Note: I am cool, and so is Giouge when she’s not being sassy. Thanks again for the new pictures Giou! Be sure to check out www.giouge.com for more of her work!

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