The Jervis

Elevated Living by Design
Nelson Mouëllic
Vancouver, BC
      The Jervis: An intimate collection of design-led homes set in a prime location in Vancouver’s storied West End, the first project by the Inform and Intracorp partnership rethinks the way homes are designed and built. The Jervis is the meeting of two time-tested Vancouver companies, merging Intracorp’s extraordinary development expertise with Inform’s Niels and Nancy Bendtsen’s exceptional design sensibilities. The result is uncompromising design put into practice.

      Holding true to Inform's core values in art and design, Intracorp commissioned me to create a series of images that  would showcase the character and intricacies of  the West End, through a more contemporary perspective than the images they'd used for previous projects.  The only request: "Make them black and white". The final images were well received, and presented to buyers in a hardcover book as part of the marketing material.

      The positive response from the images resulted in a second commission to create an additional 500 images using my 1960's Polaroid Land Camera and dead-stock black and white instant film. The small 3x4" prints were then signed, framed, and gifted to buyers, as well as those who helped bring the project to fruition.